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Zebra Geotextile Dewatering Bags

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ZebraTube® Geotextile Dewatering Bags

ZebraTube® dewatering bags are manufactured from a uniquely developed woven geotextile and a dedicated production team who take the utmost care in producing their market leading dewatering and sediment separating bags. Dewatering bags can be used to effectively dewater and contain solids whilst recovering filtrate during dredging and cleaning of catchment dams. Filtration occurs through the percolation of liquid through the textile’s pores, as well as formation of a filter cake on the textile surface, which aids filtration.

ZebraTube® dewatering bags are ideal for large, medium and smaller dewatering and sludge removal projects.

Locally Manufactured
Zebratube® products are designed and manufactured in South Africa. Their geotextiles are produced and woven locally by experienced weavers and thereafter converted to dewatering bags.

Zebratube Geotextile sediment Filtration bags for slurry rempval and dam cleaning


Size and Dimensions

ZebraTube® currently manufactures a wide range of bag sizes, ranging from from 1m x 1m x 1m all the way through to 25 m circumference and 90 m in length.

Filling points
anufactured to 110mm diameter as a standard. However, Zebratube® is able to accommodate various sizes for different applications.

• Wastewater treatment
• Paper and pulp
• Sugar production
• Power generation
• Mining and mineral processing
• Coastal protection
• Petrochemical

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