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SLURRYBLASTER unit for removal of slurry and sediment
accumulation on dam walls and inside dams

The Slurry Blaster is an effective hydro mining Solution for removal of slurry and sediment accumulation on dam walls and inside dams. Using the slurry blaster, slurry and other unwanted materials, can be blasted into an accumulation point where a grindex pump is situated. The material is then pumped out of the dam or any specific location as specified by the client.

The Slurry Blaster comes in a wide range of models in order to best suit our client needs.

Slurry Blaster Model 1
The Slurry Blaster model 1 uses a water tank weight in order to safely secure it to the surface/ground. Water can then be drained in order to move the Slurry Blaster to the next location. The Slurry Blaster model 1 frame is a single steel structure welded together.

Slurry Blaster Model 2
Slurry Blaster model 2 that utilizes sand weight sections that can be removed and relocated to the next location. The slurry blaster model 2 is completely modular and can be disassembled for easy transport and if blasting location is hard to reach via vehicle.


Material Build: Mild steel or Stainless steel
Capacity: up to 2800l/min or 46l/s
Inlet Pressure: 7 bar Nominal
Rotation: 360 Deg
Elevation: +70 Deg
Depression: -20 Deg
Max Range: 73m @ 45 deg

Slurry Blaster unit
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Severely silted up ponds and reservoirs can impact on the water storage capabilities of a mine or plant, negatively affecting downstream processes.

Designed and engineered by Integrated Pump Technology, the introduction of the Slurry Blaster Units into the company’s short- and long-term hire fleet will assist mines in on-going maintenance.

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