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Hydro Mining System

SLURRYBLASTER unit for removal of slurry and sediment accumulation on dam walls and inside dams.

Severely silted up ponds and reservoirs can impact on the water storage capabilities of a mine or plant, negatively affecting downstream processes.

Designed and engineered by Integrated Pump Rental, the introduction of the Slurry Blaster Units into the company’s short- and long-term hire fleet will assist mines in on-going maintenance The SlurryBlaster offers mining and plant operations a cost effective cleaning tool for all applications where slurry has become an issue and needs to be washed away.

Each installation of the SlurryBlaster comes standard with a 37 kW feed pump with fl oat, a 22 kW slurry pump for the removal of the slurry, a 200 metre heavy duty lay flat hose and an electric control panel.

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Slurry Blaster


Material Build: Mild steel or Stainless steel
Capacity: up to 2800l/min or 46l/s
Inlet Pressure: 7 bar Nominal
Rotation: 360 Deg
Elevation: +70 Deg
Depression: -20 Deg
Max Range: 73m @ 45 deg

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