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cost effective engineering DESIGN solutionS OFFER YOU a professional INTEGRATED solution to YOUR problem

Engineering solutions is a new concept that was implemented during 2015 under IPR.

Using advanced CAD software, the 1st phase began with expanding Integrated Pump Rentals equipment range. The Slurry Sucker-Maxi/Mini was the first of many projects to be completed with exceptionally positive performance results thanks to the use of the advanced CAD software.

Phase 2 was later introduced to only a select few clients in order to evaluate the need for engineered solutions, giving them the opportunity to do custom jobs that directly adhere to their needs with the help of CAD software. This proved to be very effective and improved client satisfaction even though some projects only stayed in their concept stage.

From of 2016, the IPR Engineering Solutions will be available to all clients, giving all customers the benefit of an engineered solution to their specific needs. Project nature and costing will be dependent on various factors.

Advantages of IPR Engineering Solutions

• Custom solutions for clients specific needs
• Cost saving
• Professional take on projects
• Fast and reliable results

Engineering Services Offered

IPR Engineering Solutions new project form will be used in order to regulate projects as well as help with what the client wants to achieve from the project and what services they require. Services listed below:
• Concept generation/Image rendering
• Technical drawings/fabrication drawings
• FEA simulations/structural simulations
• EFD/CFD Simulation (fluid simulations)
• Thermal Analysis
• Quote compile
• Build Product
• Installation of product
• Report generation


Each project has its own challenges and costing. One of the key aims of engineering solutions is to be as cost effectiveas possible while still and giving clients a professional solution to their problem.

Quoting of a project will be dependent on the following:
• Time frame (Completion time)
• Services to be provided as requested by client
• Complexity of project
• Risk to client/IPR employees
• Project property of IPR or Client

 Contact our engineering design team

Innes De Villiers
Mechanical Design Engineer
Cell : +27 83 444 0993 | Tel : +27 11 894 2906 |

Engineering solutions offers both exisiting and new clients a professional solution to their problem at a reassuring cost that would guarantee future projects and products with the aid of CAD software.



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