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Slurry Blaster Hydro Mining Application - DRC

Rapid sediment build-up in acid ponds can have dire results for mines as the reservoirs gradually lose their ability to store solution, impacting on both upstream and downstream processes. This is exactly what happened at a copper mine in the DRC when two of its acid ponds silted up completely resulting in no solution capacity whatsoever. The Slurry Blaster proved to be the most effective solution for this harsh application.

The Slurry Blaster is a cost effective cleaning tool that consists of a 37 kW feed pump with a float, a 22 kW Grindex slurry pump for the removal of the slurry, a 200 metre heavy duty layflat hose and an electric control panel. The unit is available on a pontoon, on a trailer or with a support frame for manual use.

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