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As a dedicated rental company, Integrated Pump Rental caters specifically to the needs of customers who benefit from renting their pump or dredging solutions.

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There are real cost-saving reasons to rent or lease your dewatering solutions form us!

The decision of whether to rent or buy your dewatering equipment has serious implications, both for immediate capex expenditure and for long-term cost of ownership. There are certainly instances in which buying the required de-watering equipment outright, instead of renting it, makes the most logistical and financial sense.

However, for many companies, renting equipment rather than buying offers quite a few major advantages that can be beneficial. For companies facilitating a wide spectrum of industrial projects with varying de-watering needs, or those companies with sporadic need for de-watering equipment, leasing of the equipment may be the answer...

No capital outlay

Rented units are not added to the company’s balance sheet and are fully deductible as a company expense. Cash flow is also not adversely affected by renting pumps as there is no large capital outlay.

Immediate Availability

Our extensive fleet of pumps means you have immediate access to the perfect solution for your project needs. This convenience brings lower logistical demands and immediate solutions.

Minimal downtime

During maintenance cycles or during inspection, testing and repair downtime, unit swap-outs are easy and our 24/7 support means that repairs can be affected quickly and conveniently.

Low running costs

Pump ownership incurs additional costs: labour, training, maintenance & spares. When you rent from us, we handle the maintenance. This means you can control your costs better.

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Who we are

Integrated Pump Rental is a specialist pump rental organisation that caters to the needs of all sectors including mining, construction, wastewater, energy and general industry. The company, a member of the GiGi Investments Group of Companies, was established to meet the growing demand for rental pump solutions.

What we do

Our extensive rental fl eet comprises submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, slurry and sludge pumps, diesel driven pumps, dredging system, flotation devices and accessories. All pump rental solutions available from Integrated Pump Rental are ISO 9001 certifi ed.

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Our Products

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